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This video contains the different types and levels of mind control.
i choose this video because it has a large contribution about psychology.
As i watched and listened to this video,i could relate it to my past discussion in class with professor Montalbo.I also like this video because its lecture has a good explanation of psychology in mind control basis,the video discuss clearly about the types of mind control and when i seen this video and watch i feel very interested,at this point i proved to my self that media is also a part of mind control process.

The first level refers to "CONSCIOUSNESS" which response in cognitive psychology.It explains which happen when you are aware of what you are doing.This level deals with information it never deals in punishments or physical pain.

Second level refers to "SUBCONSCIOUSNESS" which response to behavioral approach.Which comes from "Pavlovian psychology" Pavlov is the guy who has ring a bell with a food and the dog salivate.
Well in stimulus response...
stimulus, something's happens,you ring the bell..and the response the dog This level you have hypnotism,and reward and punishment or you could also have brainwashing in this level.

Third level is the biological psychology or psychiatry.In this level,your attempting to control behavior through physical interventions this includes drugs,electroshock,brain surgery,and implanting something into brain.

As i like what was shown and explained in the video,
Mind control has also its negative side that i really don't like,
for example, the media or the propaganda,speech or other crimes that people addopt, would also influence one's psychology and may apply through mind control and could infuence and change a person's mind